From Elizabeth Scala, Founder of Nursing from Within TM


The Art of Nursing is Brought to You by Elizabeth Scala, MSN/MBA, RN

Reigniting the Passion for Nursing

Nursing is a phenomenal profession, a beautiful blend of art and science. Every nurse is blessed with a gift to compassionately care on a daily basis. We must take care of our caregivers for they truly are healing our globe. Global transformation is possible, but it starts at the individual level. Together we will change the profession of nursing, from the inside out.

Elizabeth is passionate about helping nurses enjoy their nursing careers and embrace self-care. She speaks and writes regularly on the topic of nurse well-being and hosts a weekly podcast related to career resilience.

Elizabeth is also a Reiki Master, Certified Health Coach and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and Master’s degrees in both Business and Nursing.

She has authored two award-winning books (Nursing from Within and Your Next Shift) and has written for Scrubs Magazine, the Nurse Together website and Reflections on Nursing Leadership Magazine.

The Art of Nursing Covers Three Key Areas


Your nurses will learn to communicate more effectively with their patients and colleagues so they can delegate appropriately and know how to handle difficult conversation.

Nurse Empowerment

Nurses will discover how to show up as effective leaders at work. They will be more confident in the workplace and feel inspired about the role they play in the healthcare system.

Health and Wellness

Nurses will gain valuable tools to decrease stress and improve their health. This leads to less turnover and burnout, and helps you employ a more energized workforce.

Here is Just a Small Sample of Our Twelve Speakers

Brittney Wilson

Brittney Wilson, also known as The Nerdy Nurse, is an award-winning author and blogger, national speaker, and a highly influential social media personality. Brittney works hard to help others be confident in their careers through her unique vision of technology empowerment. She is the author of The Nerdy Nurse's Guide to Technology and blogs about nursing, technology, health IT, and other healthcare topics.

Lourdes Lorenz

Lourdes Lorenz is the CEO of the International Integrative Health Institute (IIHI) in Asheville, North Carolina and the President-Elect for the American Holistic Nurses Association.  She is board certified as an Advanced Holistic Nurse and Advanced Nurse Executive.  She currently serves as an Ambassador for the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine Board, and is a member of the Advisory Leadership Team’s membership committee.

Ruth Hansten

Dr. Ruth Hansten is the author of seven books based on her clinical, educator, and consulting experience with over 175 healthcare organizations, her doctoral research on critical thinking, and practice with healing relationships, nurse delegation, and leadership.  She has developed a care delivery model called Relationship and Results Oriented Healthcare®, resulting in improved outcomes, clinical indicators, employee engagement, patient and provider satisfaction.

What Our Clients Say

"I needed a little boost; a re-inspiration; a kick in the pants; this four days helped me to re-ignite my passion to continue to do what I love."

Pauline Wilder RN MSN AHN-BC TBP

"The Art of Nursing event served as meaningful stress relief and inspiration during Nurses Week. From start to finish, this event focused on tips, tools, and strategies to help prevent caregiver fatigue. Thanks so much for this authentic event that was truly focused on the health and wellness needs of nurses."

Erica MacDonald RN, BSN, MSN

"This program assembled experts who are excellent speakers and offered current resources and tools. The ease of use of the program makes it a cost-effective alternative to attending workshops. I highly recommend this program."

Julia Balzer Riley, RN, MN, AHN-BC

BONUS: Get Credit for CNE's

As an added bonus, the Art of Nursing has submitted an application to the Maryland Nurses Association, an accredited approver by the American Nurses Credentialing Center's Commission on Accreditation.

Pending approval of the program, all participants who request it, will be awarded up to nine credit hours for completing the Art of Nursing (post workshop surveys are required as proof of viewership).

Do You Want to Learn More?

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